Gurmeet Ram Rahim Sacha Sauda-Court Gave the Final Verdict

Ram Raheem

The rapist was going to the court to hear his final verdict like a king. Number of cars with z-plus security, ambulance, cammandos and his personal guards were following him. His whole area to the court was fully curfewed. This was the scene people saw when Dera chief Sacha Sauda was taken to the court to hear the verdict.

Female followers were put in the front row with lathis in hands, then the male ones. The followers were crying and rolling before the vehicles so-called gurus vehicles. Ram Rahim supporters blocked the roads and were not letting him reach the court. After reaching the premises, police was taking him to the court with rapid action force.

Hissar, Chandigarh and Panchkulla were looking like not less than a battle ground.

It was a verdict for the case that started 15 years back, in 2002,  and was filled by a young girl who faced the animal side of the Dera chief, Ram Rahim.

The proof was a letter that was received 15 years ago from the victim which was addressed to the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Chief Manister of Haryana. The sadhavi  had written that she belonged to Punjab and worked in Dera and working here since last five years. Her parents were also the blind followers of the Maharaj who only forced her to become his Sewak. There are 40-50 more girls like her who do the sewa. The Dera head Gurmeet would often physically torture and used to rape the female workers.

One day a close follower of Dera Sewak named Gurjot came to her at 10 o’clock telling that the guru has called her to him. She said that she felt very happy as God himself had called her and her prayers were going to get answered.

She wrote further, that in Dera sewak headquarters female workers were physically assaulted.

When she reached the room where Dera chief was relaxing,  she got surprised seeing that he hada remote in his hand and a blue film was coming on television. There was lying a gun on his side on the bed. The Maharaj made him drink water and made advancements for sexual pleasure. The guru also threatened her that if she refused they would kill her and do the final rituals, and no one would ever come to know as her parents were also his our blind followers.

One day Balwant Singh got this letter and took the multiple copies of the letter, circulated among the people. The letter also reached to Sirsa, Haryana and this is when Balwant became disappear.

Small glimpse on the case:

  1. 24 September 2002
    When the letter was disclosed and reached to court, the CBI was given the case by the Punjab High Court.
  2. 12 December 2002
    CBI made investigations and registered the case in Chandigarh court, on knowing which Dera took a stay order to hold the case for next one month. The CBI tried to reach inside the premises of Dera chief, and the area where female sewaks were stayed. But they would not allowed to enter without the Dera chief permission. But CBI did not move back and 18 girls revealed everything in front of them. But it was only 2 girls who finally could manage to come to court. Based on these two girls, a charge sheet was registered by the CBI against Dera.
  3. 6 September, 2008
    Special court approved the charge sheet given by CBI
  4. 25 August, 2009
    The case continued for 9 years and finally Dera Chief Ram Rahim was found guilty by the court

The court has found him guilty but the punishment would be given on 28 August, 2017. Either he would get 7 Years jail or life-time imprisonment.

But how the victims would be feeling today after the final verdict came in their favour?

More than 30 people died in the riots and the trains were put on fire in the protest of the verdict. The home minister is angry at Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana for not handling the situation properly.

High court accused government by saying it let the city burn without even trying to avoid it just for the sake of own political interests, and it seemed it just surrendered itself.

On seeing the losses due to riots done by the followers, the court released another verdict to cease the whole property of Dera chief and use it to cover the losses incurred by his followers.

Seeing the loses and the chaos created by the Dera followers, the Indian army and Paramilitary forces have surrounded the Dera Head Office in Sirsa, Punjab. The 36 Ashrams of Dera chief in Punjab have been sealed.

What has happened to the residents of India who are behaving like blinds even after knowing the truth? Baba Ram Rahim is not true to his name and rather he should be called as Ram Rahim Nakliwala.

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