How I Improved my Relation with Loved Ones through Reiki?


“I was going through a rough patch in my life, and had lost all my hopes. I had lost my job and personal life was also not going so good. This is when I came in contact with a Reiki Healer…..and then just my life changed for ever and that also for good!”

This is not false but true incident based on one of our reader’s life. We are bound to keep her identity anonymous but can tell in pieces about her story. So let us give her a fictitious name “Sneha”.

Sneha tells how she was having a good job with a happy lovely family. She was married to a very loving husband. The life was all good and there was nothing to worry about. They both were earning well and had got a very good reputation in the society. Their respective families were also in awe of them and they were seen as perfect example in the society.

Everything was going on very smoothly till something unexpected happened to Sneha. The management changed in her office and so her manager. The new manager was just opposite to her previous one and would blame her and her team for any wrong. He would never leave a single chance to pin-point her and making her feel low.

She started accusing her and feeling low for every wrong thing in her office. She got depressed and this had impact in her personal life too. The husband wife also rifted away and their relationship started souring with time.

The same couple that was once considered the best in respect of everything, is now not ready to see each other’s face. Just a single change in the management in office made Sneha low in feelings and energy. This brought negativity in their lives and when negativity comes, nothing can save you.

This is when she came in contact with Reiki.

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What is Reiki: Health with Reiki Power?

Reiki is universal power that moves freely in the nature. Everyone has Reiki but not everyone is aware with it. Like sun gives its energy to everyone all the time without asking anyone, same way Reiki also does the same.

Reiki is a Japanese word which is made up of two words, “Rei” and “Ki”. Rei means universal and Ki means energy. We can also use this power to heal ourselves and others. You can know more about healing power of Reiki from the facebook page above.

You can heal your body or spiritual problems with Reiki. You can also heal your relationship with your loved ones with the help of Reiki power. Learn how?

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