Importance of 2007 failure in Dhoni’s career

A film on Dhoni –

One of the most successful cricketer of India, is ready to release and the cricketer believes the movie would show the real Dhoni in it. According to the captain, when the director Arun Pandey told him the idea of a film on him, he was very reluctant in the beginning, but once the film started he was not worried and was eagerly telling his real story to him.

MS Dhoni


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Mahender Singh Dhoni and his team won T-20 World Cup in the year 2007. The captain and his team’s team efforts were praised and appreciated everywhere. But many people do not know the reason behind this great victory and what made him a loving captain.

What happened earlier in the year 2007?

On digging in the past in 2007, when the team India lost all the matches except Bangladesh and Shri Lanka, and won only one against the weak team Bermuda.

He told how his home was being built that time in his native place Ranchi, and people started throwing stones on it. When they returned to India, they were taken in a Van and all the media persons were following them. He was sitting with Veerendra Sehwag and the Van was running at a speed of 60-70 km/h. While remembering that he got emotional and shared how he was feeling like a terrorist that time.

We were kept in a Police Station
Dhoni told he was taken and sit in police station till the crowd outside settled down, after which they were sent back to their homes.

And the history created…
The defeat and people’s behaviour did not stop the legend from moving towards success, in-fact he took it as a lesson and used it to become a better cricketer and a good human being.

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