Rita Bhaduri Passes away at 62

Veteran bollywood actress, Rita Bhaduri passed away in the morning of 17th July, 2018. She was admitted in a hospital for 10 days getting treatment against her kidney ailment. She was 62 years old.

Rita Bhaduri’s last rites will be held today at 12 noon at the cremation ground in Andheri on 17th July.

Zarina Wahab, who was Rita Bhaduri’s classmate in FTII batch said, “Rita Bhaduri was the prettiest lady in our batch. I don’t know what to say now. I am in a shock to here the news of her demise. I was constantly trying her phone for the last 5 days but there was no response. I was unaware about her bad condition. Infact we were planning to visit Rita’s house for a small get-together.

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