This is what we like about this Powerful couple

I came to know about this powerful couple while watching one of the video on youTube. Earlier I did not use to visit YouTube but since COVID-19 I tried to give a try to my already existing channel Omilights on YouTube which I rarely gave much attention.

Know about this powerful couple
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While watching any one random video I came to know about Gaurav Taneja. I searched for him on YouTube search bar and landed on his videos one by one. Very soon I got to realize why he has got 4+Million subscribers so far.

In today’s cut throat competition people are forgetting about their personal lives and spending more time in their workplace to get promotion and meeting career goals.

But there are few people who even after getting married and having kids are giving equal time to their family. They are presenting an example to the world and proving them all wrong.

When I watched their videos I came to know about them more and more. I have never personally met with them but believe that our lives are so much same. They show the same middle class values even after rising so high in their career. Both have been wonderful captains in their respective airlines.

Before ever hearing their name we were zero about them but after watching their videos we are more aware with the way they spend their life with so much modesty and never bring any ego clashes between them. Normally, it is seen that people in same profession often fight due to ego clashes.

8 Things we love about Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathee

  1. Gaurav never shies away from shooting himself, wife Ritu or any of his family members when everyone is in their normal wears. They both talk like normal persons or can say humble person because most of the normal people believes in show off now a days as the definition for being normal has changed a lot.
  2. Both of them believe in spending good quality time together. Ritu says that being in the same profession sometimes it is difficult to stay connected as we are very busy many times. But we compensate that by spending some extra time in weekends or whenever we get a break.
  3. Gaurav celebrates the success of his wife with open heart. It is clear from the videos that he has posted on YouTube, and in one such video he is making announcement also in the plane about her wife. Ritu says that we understand each other problems by looking on the face and so we respect each other’s feelings.
  4. He does not force his wife to speak in a highly manner way. Just look at their casual conversation and the way they converse, its awesome and which is far beyond the normal chat we do. Even in front of others they still speak in a similar way.
  5. They never bring their office issues at home. Being in a service line tensions and problems are normal but they believe in not brining any issue or dispute at home.
  6. Both of them are doting parents of a beautiful girl ‘Rashbhari’. They are instilling the same values of being humble and grounded into their daughter. They do not show off or buy very branded clothing for their daughter. They all are shown in normal outfits and which look amazing on them too.
  7. I think the way they talk, speak and behave its all because of their background. Ritu Rathee has sisters and a single brother and she knows how girls are often not given ample opportunities in our society. She is a real example of proving own talent and standing tall on our own. In many videos I have seen her supporting girls parents. For example in one of the latest marriage vlog posted by Gaurav on ‘Flying Beast’ when Gaurav says food serving is stopped till the barat arises, she replies yes ‘karna padta hai’.
  8. Their initiative ‘RashbhariChai’ which asks users to buy tea and give minimum Rs. 20 which is multiplied by any amount a person wishes to pay for it an exchange.

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