Is my Job at Risk due to Automation Robotics?


Automation means to “automate”, means to make things work itself without much human interference. The concept of Automation is not very old enough but the way it has started making its impact on the current jobs is really very strong and has become a point of discussion in the town. This would not be exaggerated if we say that the professionals have started looking it as a threat to their job!!

Automation plays a role everywhere in the industry, be it in testing, development, airlines, manufacturing or any other fields. This can bring benefit to business by replacing human power but this is not seen as a positive thing for people as they are taking it as a fear of losing their jobs.

Employers rely on computers and invest on them as they are less expensive than humans, and also they make less errors than later.

Are you also looking Automation as a fear to your Job?


Which Jobs are Safe or Unsafe due to Automation?

According to recent studies, it is found that the automation may not grab your job, but can change the way things work. The studies believe the jobs will be changed rather than disappearing completely from the market. No need to worry if you timely upgrade your skill and prepare yourself for the coming days. Just keep an eye in the market and the skills automation need.

Not all jobs will be automated. Only those which are predicted or involves repetitive work will be automated. We cannot think of teaching, gardening, cooking or unpredicted jobs to be automated. Robotics cannot take control of extensive research jobs as they need human brains and no machine can replace any human mind.

Computers can also not replace those jobs that need empathy or involve human emotions. Therefore, jobs like nurses, doctors, teachers, or similar jobs do not fear with automation.

Thus, we feel those jobs which need extensive human touch, research and involvement cannot be replaced by Automation, as computers are just machine created by human beings, and work according to the data fed to them. They cannot make human beings.

How to Prepare yourself for for the Changes due to Automation?

Automation has grabbed attention and is going to last in the market. So, moving away from it is not an option. One should make himself ready to face it as every company will try to give it a chance at least once if not more. It is advisable to invest and plan your job according and remain positive rather than becoming uncertain of your future.

There are many steps that you can follow to prepare yourself for Automation:

1. Take a new skill: Why Automation is in boom? Because companies think robots do work better than human beings. Why not then become like Robots?

Start thinking the way a robot works and develop skills that it possess like problem-solving etc. In short, become a good manager and sharp your problem solving skills so that a company also thinks twice before replacing you with a robot or a computer.

2. Plan your career with training: As it is mentioned above that those jobs which need extensive human touch are not easily replaced by automation. There are many areas where specialization is needed and not all work can be done by single robots. As they also need information to be fed.

Therefore, it would be good if you get a specialized course in a particular topic or solution so that no robot can replace you and you have the dependency in your company for that.

3. Be more adaptable: There is no need to worry about automation in the market. There is always a technology change in every five years. Take it as a good opportunity and make yourself adaptable to the change in the market and make yourself available in the market for the latest.

There is no need to quit your current job or making your life miserable by thinking about the job loss day by day. As, no one can replace anyone unless and until you are in open-minded, flexible and adaptable to the changes in the market. Practice every day and keep an eye in the market for anything latest that has come or about to come!!

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