Know all about Act for Child Sexual Abuse-POCSO


kids are innocent and soft creatures of God, who are unaware of all the evils and crime of the world. They easily trust people as they are innocent. But this quality of kids,  sometimes prove fatal to them.

There are devils present in society who do not spare even children. They consider them a toy and molest them. These wild animals attack the innocent kids and spoil their childhood.

Many times, parents of such kids are not aware of the correct law that our constitution has reserved to protect children.

The law that punishes the sexual assault of a child is, “POCSO”, which stands for “Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses”.

POCSO Act was formulated to provide protection to every child against sexual abuse and exploitation.
The act came into power on July 19, 2012 after the President’s assent. Any person below 18 years of age, is considered a child in the act.

The Parliament of India sanctioned the bill, ‘Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences, 2011 ‘on 22 May 2012 into Act. The bill sets up special courts to provide punishment to the offenders.

Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath said during the debate in the Lok Sabha in 2011, “The bill is gender neutral. It seeks to protect children from sexual offences… the burden of proof will be on the accused.”

POCSO act protests any kind of child sexual abuse; penetrative or non-penetrative. If the child has been assaulted by his trust person like a police, family member, teacher, doctor etc., the sexual assault is considered to be aggravative.

The act also ensures that the police taking control of sexual assault of a child, should do his duty in such a way that the child feels secured and not humiliated. The identity of the child should also be not disclosed till the final decision is not made.

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