Know what happened after India lost semi finals-2015

India lost its crucial semi-final match of world cup 2015 against Australia by 95 runs on 26 March, 2015 and in this way the impressive journey of India so far in the world-cup 2015 with all wins came to an end. The Indian team will return to the country and the dreams of many to get back the world cup for the second time in a row got scattered.


Many things happened in the match- like Kohli’s out on only one run while making a failed attempt on a  poor ball; Dhoni’s not trying to slide his bat to touch reach the crease then Dhavan’s bad shot when not needed; failure of bowlers, not getting benefit of reverse swing and much more.

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People have started counting reasons for defeat and new twitter fight has also started side by side; whether Anushka should have gone to Sydney to watch the match? Others debating how could the predictions of  “Chanakya fish” for India’s win could go wrong?

Whatever the reasons counted, the fact is the team is returning back to India without the World-Cup match in hands and we should welcome it with good will and with good spirit. The Indian tigers really fought well; win and loss are the two faces of a coin.

Read below to know what happened after India’s loss in the semi finals


The India captain, Dhoni defended Virat Kohli for playing indiscreet shot which was not required in semi final clash against Australia. In the semi-finals, Australia made a target of 329 runs in front of India to chase.

When asked about the shot that Kohli made, Dhoni said in the post match conference,”Pehli baat yeh hai ki til ka tad nahin banate hain. Let’s accept the fact that he played a shot that didn’t pay off. It happens and it happens to a lot of batsmen.”


kohli early dismissal in semi finals

Dhone further added, “Once the opposition puts over 300 runs on the board and once they have quality bowlers, at some point of time you have to take that risk. If it pays off, if it clicks, all of a sudden everything changes. He played a shot, it didn’t pay off and that’s it. I would say it happens in cricket.”

“About fitness, a few of them (bowlers) had a few niggles, but the whole unit was 100 per cent fit. Fast bowlers had a bit of niggle, but nothing that really stops them from playing, so there were no fitness issues as such”, said Dhoni.

Indian bowlers played very well in all matches before semi-finals but could not stand in this crucial match, but Dhoni was not harsh on them, but said that they could have done “slightly better“.

Anushka Sharma, who is reportedly dating cricketer Virat Kohli, looked dejected and buried her face in her hands.

“Yes, there was pressure, but at the same time it needed some good batting and good partnership, so it was a gettable score, but it needed some really hard work to get the runs on the board,” said the Indian captain.


Anushka Sharma, who is reportedly dating cricketer Virat Kohli, looked dejected and buried her face in her hands when Kohli returned to Pavilion. Her face just told the story that how bad she has felt by his early dismissal, and not only she it was the audience also who got shocked that moment.

Anushka was seated in the Victor Trumper stand, in the VIP area and was smiling while clicking photographs and cheering for the India team till Australia wicket keeper Brad Hadden caught Virat Kohli. India was at a score of 78/2 that time.

Anushka Sharma blamed for india loss in semi finals


Australia media criticized the Indian team for the poor performance in semi-finals and lack of their fight and praise their team for the strong game they played and victory by 95 runs by bowing down all 10 wickets of India; India has by far taken all 10 wickets of the opposite team in all the matches played in world cup 2015.

According to the report, “It was a superb throw, but Dhoni seemed to retire halfway down the pitch. There was no dive, no last-ditch attempt to make his ground, he simply ran straight down the tunnel. And with him vanished India’s last sliver of hope.”

The England captain Kevin Peterson surprised and expressed his surprise to see that Dhoni not even tried to slide his bat to reach to his crease. He said in the report, “I don’t know what Dhoni was doing here — he could have made it. Absolutely he could have made it”.

Another Australian newspaper ‘Sydney Morning Herald‘ described Dhoni’s inning as ‘bizarre‘.

A report in the newspaper said, “Any questions over whether Australia’s total of 7-328 would be enough were answered, although the nerves did not subside until Dhoni’s bizarre 65 was brought to an end. Dhoni mysteriously held back a final assault on the distant victory target and it was only then that he began to put the foot down, belting Shane Watson for two sixes in a row. However, the India captain was run out brilliantly by Glenn Maxwell soon after and in keeping with the tone of his odd innings, Dhoni did not appear to put much effort into making his ground”


Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has lashed out openly at those who are criticizing Anushka Sharma and blaming her for the poor performance of Virat Kohli in World Cup 2015 Semifinals, after India lost to Australia by 95 runs.

saurav ganguly on anushka sharma

Sourav said it showed the maturity of people when they such things, he said,” What’s wrong Anushka has done? She had only gone to see a cricket match like the families of other players. It is unfair to blame her for a Virat Kohli’s performance. It is the immaturity of people.”, adding further, he said, “When two people are in love, there is nothing wrong in that.” People gave very offensive reviews and tweets on social media website after India’s loss where Kohli made only one run, he in fact dropped a catch also during the Australia inning.

Ganguly said, “We have some holed in the Indian team and we need to work on them. You can cover up things, but all these are issues for the Indian team to be a better side so that they can do better in the next World Cup. We have to fix these weaknesses.”

To be frank, Mohit Sharma does not look the class of Umesh Yadav or Mohammed Shami though many think he is a great potential. And Ravindra Jadeja has to either get the wickets and scored runs at number seven and he has not done either.”

Saurav said, “That is the difference of India as compared to other countries. You see Australia has the likes of Glenn Maxwell or Mitchell Johnson, who can take wickets and scored runs at the tail of the batting order. We do not have them.”

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