Maldives Arrests ex-president Nasheed for ‘Terrorism’

Credti: Times of India

MALE: Maldives police have arrested former president and current opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed under anti-terrorism laws.

A document signed by the prosecutor general seen by Associated Press said that Nasheed was arrested on Sunday to stand trial for his 2012 order as president to arrest a senior judge. It said he was being charged under anti-terrorism laws, but did not specify why.

Television stations in the country aired scenes of the arrest.

Nasheed resigned as president in February 2012 following weeks of public protests against his order to arrest criminal court judge Abdulla Mohamed.

In 2013, he lost the presidential election to Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, a half-brother of the Indian Ocean archipelago nation’s 30-year autocratic ruler, Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

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