What is Fat Tuesday and its other Famous Names


What is Fat Tuesday?

Fat Tuesday is a special Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It is often the first day of Lent in the Christian churches in western countries. With this the season of Lent for Christians begins.

Fat Tuesday is another name for Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. It begins the season of Lent for Christians. Its date may vary every year. For example in the year 2002 it fell on February 25.

Other Names for Fat Tuesday

  1. There are many names with which Fat Tuesday is famous with. One famous name for this day is “Shrove Tuesday”. The day makes one to realize and confess for the forty days of repentance during Lent.
  2. In England it is called “Pancake Tuesday” as people eat pancakes during this day.
  3. Another name for Fat Tuesday is “Mardi Gras”. Mardi Gras is a french word meaning Fat Tuesday in French.
  4. It is also called “Fastnacht” day. Fastnacht is a German word. Fastnacht is also a Pennsylvania Dutch doughnut.

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