Paczki Day Celebrations on Fat Tuesday and Fat Thursday

Paczki is a food item that is often deep-fried made normally in spherical shapes.  They are sweet in taste and often decorated with glaze, sugar or icing.


These are very spongier and lighter in weight and taste too !!

Paczki Day Celebrations

The popularity of Paczki can be known from the fact that many countries celebrate “Paczki Day”.

In North America, it is very famous among people in large cities. It is normally, celebrated on Fat Tuesday. But in many places, it is celebrated on Fat Thursday also along with Fat Tuesday.

The day for Paczki celebrations keep on changing every year depending upon the Fat Tuesday date. For example in 2020 it fell on 25 February.

In Hamtramck Michigan, there is an annual Paczki day parade is organized.

How to Make Dough for Paczki?

Dough for Paczki is made with sweet filling. Along with sugar it also has yeast, fasts, eggs and milk to it depending upon the taste and requirements. A small amount of alcohol is also added to it. The reason of adding alcohol is that when the paczki is cooked, it evaporates which prevents the absorption of oil, thereby, making it less oily.

Paczki are very famous in Chicago also where they are vastly sold in bakery shops. One would find them mainly on Fat Tuesday and Fat Thursday.


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