Modi or any Government is not Responsible for this


A Letter to Every Citizen!!

Subject: Feeling Suffocated

State of Public Health Emergency in Delhi

When I woke up in the Morning, I assumed it to be a normal foggy blanket today at first glance looking at the weather out of the window. But as the day passed by, I realised my mistake of thinking that it was not a normal fog of winter but a smog that had already choked off the entire Delhi. I remember the definition of Smog that I learnt in my school days. Smog is a mixture of smoke and fog that means its a very serious blanket that we are covering with.

I had to go out of the house to drop my son at school so had not other options but to step out. I was barely out of house for one hour, and my eyes are still burning and throat is itching like hell. I am feeling what crime I had done in going out to drop my son at school. I¬†am born and brought up in Delhi only, I have grown up in pollution and with pollution. I am used to see Delhi , gasping for fresh breath. However, today first time, I became so much disappointed with Delhi’s poor condition, may be first time ever I faced menace so closely and badly or may be because now my little one has outgrown my lap and have started to go to kindergarten now. Mother inside me is feeling really concerned, helpless and anxious.

Demonetization, GST, Economy, GDP, children studies, grocery, vegetables, office tensions, salary, dress, roti, kapda, makaan, emi to list few…after seeing today’s air quality and I think my other mentioned tensions are nothing. We try to give our quality at office work, costumes we wear, presentation we make in offices. But then why do we degrade the quality of air?

We have got into the habit of blaming our government or Prime Minister but never look into our deeds. I am not an exceptional as do the same and never take the responsibility on to my shoulders. When Supreme Court passed orders of not using crackers in Diwali celebration, how many of you had nodded your head in confirmation to that? The Supreme Court had that intentionally as it knew there would be a crop cutting process following Diwali that would add on pollution level but everyone gave a deaf ear!!

Why don’t people just understand its the weather, atmosphere that effect us the most and not the neighbours, new sofa and dining system.¬†Thousands of people are suffering with Asthma and lungs related diseases and for them its like a small poison. This is true that today’s bad weather could be a result of crop-cutting in the nearby states to Delhi. But these activities just add-on the problem that means the problem of pollution that already exists and we have been ignoring it for long. Not sure what we are waiting about!!

The World Health Organisation in 2014 classed New Delhi as the world’s most polluted capital, with air quality levels worse than Beijing. Levels of the fine pollutants known as PM2.5 that are most harmful to health reached 703 — well over double the threshold of 300 that authorities class as hazardous. Worst has to come yet. Schools are closed but what about those people who earn on roads only, Traffic police , public and private vehicle drivers.

We just pour few drops of eye ointment to reduce the redness and swelling in eyes or take few medicines to go away with the headaches due to pollution and that’s it. Now travelling in big car has become a symbol of status. The status is also so far that if they do not own a car, they hire a rental car serve in the form of Uber or Ola.


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