Our Secret to Come Top on Search Engines like Google


We have been into the digital marketing and online business since last 7-8 years. We have seen so many ups and downs but never moved from our goal.

What was our goal? So the goal was to provide an informative website that can give information on different topics to the world.

We have experimented with different ideas and often implemented them with our first instinct. You can yourself check.

  1. One of the most top rated keyword that comes in the top google search is “tea coffee in plastic cups“.
    We published this article in September 2017. The reason of creating this article was to create awareness against the harms of plastic in society. Plastic is really a serious issue in today’s time that has created a threat to the nature. A substantial portion of daily use plastic is in the form of disposable cups and utensils.Have you ever thought the diseases like cancers, thyroid abnormalities, infertility issues which used to be rare only till few decades ago have become as common as common cough and cold now-a-days? In busy and easy to go life policy, everything has turned up to be ready-made:  ready-to-cook, ready-to-eat and ready-to-serve.
  2. Another keyword that brings our website in top search results is “tips for quick fermentation“.  We have a video also on this topics on youtube.
    You can check the below link to watch the video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od3O7ZJ3uyg
  3. Third important keyword on google search is “origin rituals and celebrations of raksha bandhan“.India is a country of rich heritage and varied culture, and boasts about its various festivals that are celebrated round the year which signify its rich heritage and culture.There are many festivals celebrated in India; Raksha Bandhan is the one which celebrates the bond of love between brother and sister. The festival comes in the month of August, and is celebrated all over the world with equal love and pious.rakhi-rituals
  4. Another keyword that brings omilights on top search is “dispose of lost milk teeth“.First glittering pearly white teeth appear in your baby’s mouth on an average around 6 months of age. Your little one normally has 20 baby teeth until about the age of 6 years, after that he is supposed to shed them, and they eventually get replaced by permanent teeth.
  5. One more our most rated keyword is “pride of every indian national flag“.  pride-of-india
    We Indians also have our pride; our flag known as ”Tiranga” owing to the three colors it carries with it. These three colors are Saffron, White and Green, and each has its own significance. These three colors represent inculcating moral values which root deep down in Indian soil.

Our Secret to Come Top on Google Search

We have been working very hard to provide best quality content to our readers so that they can find it useful and come back again. One thing that we would love to suggest you here and we consider it our secret, is “Always think Customer first”. Your reader might have come to your website following some link but it is important to keep him engaged so that he should feel like coming back to it again. Returning visitors carry very important role in making your website popular and bring on top search results on google like search engines.

Other than the above 5 top google search keywords that bring our website omilights.com on top search, there are many others also like:

  1. “guidelines on speed breakers”
  2. “neelkanth auspicious bird”
  3. “effects of reheating cooking oil”
  4. “tips to store desi ghee”
  5. “how to make bal mithai in uttarakhand”
  6. “recipe to make himachali patrode”

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