Andreas Lubitz-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus-320 was behind the crash

Andreas LubitzWhat could be more painful and surprisingly Shocking when the Pilot who you trust to reach your destination, is responsible for your plane crash. It was found in recent investigations, that the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings airplane had locked himself in the cockpit and intentionally made the plane crash by rapidly descending. It is believed that the pilot made the plane crashed deliberately, but still unknown what made him to take the step.

Andreas Lubitz, was the co-pilot of the plane and he was being treated for “Suicidal Tendencies” and had once worked as a part-time cook in a restaurant.

The co-pilot researched the suicidal methods from Internet the day before the crash

The German prosecutor in-charge of recently crashed Airbus-320 case, said that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had researched for different methods of suicide the day before he allegedly made the plane smashed into the French Alps and also researched the technology and safety mechanisms behind cockpit doors of airlines.

A computer-tablet has been found among the deceased co-pilot’s belongings that shows a list of Internet browser searches that he had conducted from March 16 to March 23, 2015, days before the crash regarding the cure and medical treatments for suicidal tendencies and also the way of committing suicides.

The French investigators revealed that they do no have any reason of any kind of terrorist act against the incident. But they zeroed in why the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz took his own and another 149 co-passengers lives.

According to Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin, the plane was working fine and the pilots were also behaving normally before the crash. The aircraft took off at 10:01 am, and was about 26 minutes later then its flying time. The two pilots were engaged in normal conversation for the initial 20 minutes of the flight.

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Robin said, “Lubitz responses become very brief. There is no proper exchange as such.” After reaching altitude of 38, 000 feet, Lubitz told the captain of the plane he could go to the toilet and the captain asked him to take over and left the cockpit for 10 minutes.

When Captain had left the cockpit, Lubitz purposefully locked the cockpit and himself inside and the captain out.

When Lubitz left alone in the Cockpit, he used the flight monitoring system to lower the plane. The passengers were not aware of the problem till the last minutes as they were not signaled any distress warning till the end.

The reports believe that the senior pilot who had gone to use washroom, tried desperately to reopen the closed door and shouted “For God’s sake, open the door, open the damn door”, but Lubitz did not listen to him.

Robin said, “You don’t get the impression that there was any particular panic as the breathing is always the same. The breathing is not panting. It’s a classic, human breathing.”Andreas-Lubitz-Germanwings-pilot

It is believed that the passengers got to know about this at the very end as the screams were heard in the last minutes of the recording only. Robin said,”The victims realized just at the last moment, We can hear them screaming. Death was instant. It hit the mountain at 700km (430mph) an hour.”

The black box of the plane could record the sounds of pounding only in the last minutes when the alarms sounded and finally then the impact sound could be heard. The last sounds on the voice recorder that could be heard were the screams of the ill-fated passengers when the plane finally hit the mountainside at about 10.40am.

According to German prosecutors, the 27-year-old Lubitz had been written off sick by the airlines as he had illness on the same day of plane crash. It is also believed that Lubitz has a girlfriend also who is pregnant and is a tutor teaching student.


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It was found in recent investigations, that the co-pilot of the crashed Germanwings airplane had locked himself in the cockpit and intentionally made the plane crash by rapidly descending.

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