Sonam Kapoor to play Neerja Bhanot

Sonam Kapoor has shown the talent of her acting in many of the films in the past along with her great fashion and dressing sense. But now, the news is that she is going to portrait one of the most important role on silver screen of Neerja Bhanot.

It is reported that Sonam Kapoor will enact Neerja Bhanot in one of her upcoming film, who was killed by terrorists attack while trying to save the passengers on the hijacked place. She lost her live in the attempt and later on awarded with many prestigious awards, one of which the bravery award, Ashok Chakra.

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The look of the actress is kept almost similar to that of Neerja Bhanot with shoulder length hair.

This would be really great to watch her playing the role of brave heart Pan Am flight attendant, Neerja Bhanot.

Neerja Bhanot was born on 7 September-1963 and was working with Pan Am, Mumbai as flight attendant. She was killed on 5 September 1986 while she was on duty on the hijacked plan Am Flight 73. She is the youngest recipent of Ashok Chakra, India’s highest Civilian Award for bravery.

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