Stearin Gas – Know about Risks, Harms and Uses of Gas

Stearin Gas

What is Stearin Gas?

Stearin gas is obtained from animal fats which is the byproduct of processing beef. This gas easily combines with oxygen and is very harmful on inhalation.

It is colorless gas which is not easy to seen but can at large quantity inhalation causes nervous breakdown, lungs collapse and low quantity can cause burning sensation.

It is used in making raw material of plastic product. In almost all the plastic factories where plastic is produced or plastic products are used, it is produced. It is also highly inflammable so it is kept in a safe condition.

Is Stearin Gas Harmful?

As per the EPA which is a US based Environment Protection Agency, if exposed to short  term this gas can cause respiratory disorders and burning sensation on skin, irritation in eyes. While long term can cause nervous breakdown as told above. Long term exposure can result into the formation of certain types of cancer too.

Stearin is a toxic gas but its impact is not long-term but could be dangerous if inhaled a lot directly.

  1. As said earlier, Stearin gas easily mixes with oxygen which can cause breathing issue.
  2. It causes eye burning issues
  3. Stearin as causes skin problems
  4. This gas directly effects liver and lungs
  5. It can effect animals and plants too
  6. It can directly effect respiratory and nervous system if inhaled in a large quantity


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