Tips to Improve your Phone Battery Life

Tips to improve battery life

Smartphones have some brilliant features that a buyer can boast about, like Pixel-Perfect camera quality, blue tooth-WiFi, GPS services, Internal/External storage and many others like these. But the most important feature many overlook while purchasing a smart phone is the battery.

Battery of a phone is its heart and decides the life of it. Many times it happens that we install so many apps in our mobile phones and keep on using them. But when we need our phone in urgency or want to shoot a photo with it, we find that it has run out of battery.

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This is not that only cheaper phones have battery problem, but many times most of the expensive phones also have the similar problem of battery drainage. Most over rated and expensive phones like Apple iPhone also face this problem of battery usage. No doubt iPhone is more powerful and perhaps can handle much data than other smart phone but still these all-powerful apps and fun we get from it come at the cost of its battery.

Just consider a case when you are with your friends or family and enjoying a sunny holiday. You take our your smart phone to click the moments together, and you find out that it is running of battery! Nothing could be more humiliating and desperate than this.

increase battery life

Tips to Improve your Phone Battery Life

Here are 5 tips to help you extend your smart phone power. These tips will surely help you enjoy your phone and cut your tension of fast draining of  your battery power.

  •  Keep a Check on the Apps eating up your battery
    Find out the main culprit that is draining out your phone battery. For example, on the iPhone (IOS 8+), you can check the usage of your phone battery under the general settings. While on Android phones, this is found in the battery settings.Android phones also give other detailed statistics like usage of battery data for your phone screen and Wi-fi.By checking the settings, you can regulate your data usage and stop any apps running in the background when not actively using them.Many times Android phones have an “open apps” menu also which can be launched by pressing the menu navigation key. In iPhone, the same menu can be fired up by double pressing the home button.
  • Control Screen Brightness
    There is no need to put your phone on full brightness as this also consumes battery. Disable auto-brightness setting and set the brightness level as per your eyes comfort. This will do the dual effect; Save your smart phone battery and also prevent eye strain caused by its glare. You can find a brightness toggle in the notifications area of Android phones.In iPhone with IOS 7+ , this brightness toggle settings is found in the control centre which can be pulled up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Don’t Automatically update Apps and control Notifications
    There is no need to update all apps and get notifications all the time. As many times these are just promotional messages only. Whenever there is any notification, the mobile phone wakes up and has to display reducing your phone’s standby time.If you’ve got IOS 7 or higher than that, just there is no need to update your apps by hand as it has got a new feature that automatically updates the phone for you if it finds a new released to upgrade.Though this is a convenient way, but drains your phone battery. So its good to keep the auto update and notifications on off mode.

    Do you also check official or personal mails in your mobile phones?

    Disable those e-mail accounts that are not critical or not required.

  • Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-fi and location services when not needed
    Your phone’s communication antennas keep scanning for devices and networks when turned on, taking a toll on battery life.Turning off Bluetooth when you’re not transferring a file or using wireless headphones is a good idea.Also Read: Protect your Phone from Water?

    Turning off Wi-fi when you don’t have access to a Wi-fi network will also help in conserving the battery. You should also turn off location services when not using a navigation app or checking-in on Facebook or Swarm. The phone’s GPS receiver constantly looks for a signal if these are turned on.Some apps also use your place information even when they are running in the                            background.Thankfully, the iPhone lets you manage place settings for each app through the “location services” settings under “Privacy”.

  • Carry a portable charger with you
    Carry your mobile phone charger with you if your battery backup lasts just about a day even though with moderate use.You can buy Power Banks also available in the market at reasonable prices. The best feature of a Power Bank is that it needs only a full charging and your phone can be connected to this when you are travelling or there is no electricity available.

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