What is KiKi or In My Feelings Challenge?


The world is full of adventure and people who are crazy and always tend to give something new. Same way, this time, “KikiChallenge” has come with some different excitement. Kiki challenge or “My Feelings Challenge” is a new challenge that people are accepting and shooting their videos to post on social media account.

What is Kiki or In My Feelings Challenge?

Those who accepts Kiki or My Feelings Challenge, has to move out of the moving car and dance on the beats of track “My Feelings”. The driver of the moving car shoots the video, which is then uploaded on social media and published with hastang #KiKiChallenge.

However, people started this as a fun but slowly it has become a serious issue related to safety on roads. Many accidents have happened while performing this challenge.

The challenge is getting viral with more and more people have been participating into it. In India also, government and police has issued statements to not follow the trend just for the sake of fun of  just 15 minutes.

What are the Lyrics of “In My Feelings” song?

The famous iconic lyrics of the above song is:

“KiKi, do you love me? Are you riding? Said you’d never ever leave from beside me, because I want you and I need you, and I’m down for you always.”

Why People move out of car for “KiKiChallenge”?

Initially, in the original version of the challenge, there was not any moving car. It all started when the comedian, Shiggy posted his video dancing on the lyrics of “In My Feelings” song. But this time also there was no moving car involved.

When one of Shiggy’s friend, Odell Bechham accepted the challenge and danced on the same song out of the moving vehicle, it became viral. Following his video, people also accepted the challenge and posted their video by dancing out of moving car.

Many celebrities and normal people around the world are daily accepting KiKi challenge and posting their videos on social media.


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