What you should do and what you shouldn’t for a Safe Taxi Ride Home!

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Taxis are the most easy, affordable, and convenient forms of transportation, taking you comfortably to your desired destination. In known places like your hometown, you are well aware about the traffic, the short cuts, and the best mode you can take to reach your office or even the airport on time. But what if you are in a new city with absolutely no idea about the ways of the road? That’s when hiring taxis come to your rescue.

It could also be that you hire taxis, even when you are in your hometown. Your car may break down unexpectedly, or you may have to catch a flight at odd hours, or you simply don’t like to ride public modes of transportation with strangers. Also, hiring taxis helps you to avoid paying extra costs like parking fees (for instance). You just have to find your trusted favourite taxi company. And with just a click, you can book silver service taxi in Melbourne. Melbourne Silver Service Cab guarantees you a comfortable, chauffeur driven ride to and fro the airport. They provide a fast and affordable ride, along with perks like luggage assistance etc.

Dos and Don’ts while taking taxi rides

Hiring taxi services shall ensure that your taxi is right at your doorstep, at the scheduled time, to take you to the desired destination. It’s the best option to go for a silver service Melbourne taxi to the Melbourne airport, and you wouldn’t have to waste time hailing a cab. Also, as you aren’t driving, you can check up on the things which are the need of the hour. You can do your luggage check, you can check up on your flight’s status etc., and you will be making full use of your time. But everything comes with safety checklist 101, and cab rides are no different. These tips would ensure a safe taxi ride –

  • Do book in advance: Pre-booking a taxi will save you from all the last-minute stress and hassle. Do plan it in advance, and book your taxi well before time. You could also choose a service that uses calls or texts to let you know about the time of taxi arrivals.
  • Do ask for details: Make sure to ask for all the details of the taxi as well as the driver during the time of booking. Ask them to tell you the cab driver’s name, cab’s number, model, and colour of the taxi etc.
  • Do sit in the back: Always make sure to sit on the seat behind the driver, especially if you are travelling alone, to keep a safe distance from the driver.
  • Do call up a friend: Anytime you feel nervous while sitting in a cab, call up a friend. Or you can at least pretend to call up one, and make sure to talk throughout the journey. It will avoid unfortunate situations.
  • Do check the cab: It’s a must that you scan the cab thoroughly before getting down. This will ensure you leave behind no belongings.
  • Don’t carry too much cash or valuables: You should avoid wearing quite heavy jewellery, or carrying too much cash when you are travelling. Not all drivers have a good intention, but again that’s why choosing a reputed taxi service is important (to negate mishaps).
  • Don’t ride if driver is drunk: This is very important. Make sure your driver is sober, before getting into the taxi.
  • Don’t ride with excess passengers: It’s very important that you don’t bring in too many people with you on the trip. It not only makes your ride uncomfortable, but is also illegal and dangerous.
  • Don’t disclose: Last, but not the least, do not disclose important matters such as credit card details, savings information, phone numbers, wealth details etc. when in the taxi.

So, these were some of the most important things that you need to know for having safe taxi rides. Taxis can take you to places without hassle at a lightning speed. So, have a safe and happy ride!

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