Whatsapp added new feature in latest release

whatsapp-new-featuresWhatsApp is no doubt the mostly used chatting software on smartphones, owing to its easy to navigate and best features that it offers.

WhatsApp has brought two new features for android users in its latest update (2.12.535). The two updates are for formatting text i.e. making it bold or italicize and also one can share documents saved in Google Drives.

Now, just put asterisk marks (*) before and after a word if you want to bold your text. Likewise, to italicize a text just place underscores (_) before and after a text.

But the problem here is that the bold and italicize would appear to the recipient, if he has the latest updated WhatsApp version which is 2.12.535. And, also the version of WhatsApp is still not available on Google Play Store yet; so many users would not be able to use the formatting features in their texts.

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One more feature that has been added in the updated version of WhatsApp is the option to share the files saved in the Google Drives. The shared file will be saved in pdf format instead of being saved in cloud-based document.

To use this feature of sharing files, uses would need to choose “Browse other docs” option in “Document” which is there under “”Attachments. These shared files can be easily shared with older version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS as well.

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