Why Blogging is not Everyone’s Cup of Tea?


Are you also wondering how people claim they are earning millions from their blogs? You also think it to be fraud and not authentic claims?

There is a boom of blogging in the market. People who create online videos to make their websites popular on YouTube or other mediums have shown blogging as a source of income for long life. Seeing them many have starting quitting jobs and started blogging.

I would also think like others till few years back until I  started writing. In this post I am going to write on a topic which is one of the most trending on internet now a days, “BLOGGING”. People are earning millions of money and even meeting their daily requirements with the blogs they are writing on different topics like health, finance, technology etc.

My Journey with Blogging

I also have to struggled a lot and have seen so many changes in the Industry. I started Blogging in 2008 but was not consistent in writing. I wrote on blogspot in initial days and purchased a domain in 2013 only. You can read my whole journey in another article, How I Started Blogging and Omilights Happened to Me. 

This is How I started Blogging and Omilights Happened to Me

When I stepped into the blogging, I did because of hobby not as a source of income. This is the reason I am still not bothering to make it a source of income as it’s my hobby, that I can pursue  from anywhere and all I need is internet connection and a device to upload my article.

But for those who want to make it a source of income, I would like to share few tips with them. First of all when you are creating a website, keep in mind your business and the aim. Select your domain as per your business ideas. Domain is your identity. First of all a good domain of your website is very important as it plays an important role in the SEO.

People ask me why “Omilights” and what does it mean?  To them…Omi is my mother-in-law name and Lights mean Roshni in Hindi language, that means Lights in English. So, two mothers together in Omilights.com!!

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)-the magic word?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means optimizing your website to meet its results according to the search engines and show them in top 10.

Best SEO Practices to get Your Website on Search Results

Search engines are also like online directly like google, Bing etc. which allow a user to make a search on any topic and returns the result. An online business is all about how well your website comes on top search results. People spend a lot of money in getting paid SEO services from professionals. But there are few tips that you can follow and use yourself without even spending a single penny on SEO. These tips are beneficial for everyone and well-tested.

How can one Make Money from starting a Blog?

How to Bring your Website on Search Engine Results

  • Domain Authority
    Your website identity is your domain. The first step of launching your online business is to search for a good domain. It will decide your identity and the brand image. The domain is your identity and should be reflecting your business. Try to make it relevant to keyword search. For example, if you have a financial blog, think for a domain like, Moneyexpress, financialadvice, moneymantras etc. This way some part of your SEO is already done with the help of your relevant domain name. If you select some out of the box domain which is not relevant to your business, in that case more efforts would need to be put into its sea. Domain Authority is also one of the important criteria in SEO.
  • Content is the King
    Content is the king always. A website without relevant content is just an empty page. If you do sea and users start coming to your website but do not find relevant content over here, they are not going to return to your website ever. So try to update your website with relevant content on daily basis and also check the grammar of it. A spelling mistake and poor grammar can kill the Interest of people and so the sea efforts.
  • Title and keywords
    Title of your page plays an important role in SEO. Title should be unique in all the pages and relevant to the information it carries. A good title acts like the keywords and a search engine also read them while making a search.
  • Alt tag on Images
    If you have an image on your website, just make sure it carries alt tag also with it. Alt tag is an html text which appears when the image takes time to load up. Alt tag is important from accessibility point of view and is read by the screen readers and beneficial to those who are not able to see or color blind. Moreover, images are not read by search engines as they read only html text, so it is better to add an alt tag which is read by google or other search Engines.
  • Importance of Social Media platform
    In this time it is hard to believe that any having internet does not have any presence on social media platforms. There are many social media websites like, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc. which allows becoming you a free member and sharing your photos, thoughts or any information. So try to get more social and upload any of your latest content or update of your website on them.

    You can use your blog for affiliate marketing also and can earn with it also. There are many affiliate programs, mine favorite is “Amazon Affiliate Marketing“.

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