Ayurveda-Ancient Art of Natural Healing


Ayurveda is an ancient Science dates back to 5000- 6000 years ago. It  is considered as a holistic approach to attain and maintain physical or emotional balanced state. According to Ayurveda, every individual is unique. Food and Lifestyle routine are considered integral part of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda believe that body is controlled by basically three forms of energies or vital forces which control body functions and metabolic roles known as Doshas . Three Doshas: VataPitta, and Kapha.

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As per Hindu mythology,body is constituted of five basic elements or Pancha Tatawa: Air, Water,Fire,Earth and Space.The doshas derive from these Five Elements and their related properties. Vata is composed of Space and Air, Pitta of Fire and Water, and Kapha of Earth and Water.

Seasonal changes also affect dosha. Autumn is a vata season. In summer or warm weather, Pitta dosha is predominant. Cold and wet season is associated with increase in Kapha dosha.You  should plan your diet chart targeting a balance of all doshas.

These vital forces forms a blueprint of  individual’ personality traits,  physical emotional well being . When all the three doshas are present in their natural proportions; also referred to as “equilibrium” but unbalanced (increased or decreased) doshas may cause various ailments or vikruti. 

Basic Nature of Doshas

Generally all doshas are present in an individual,one dominates the other two. An individual will display physical and mental characteristics that reflect  qualities of a  dosha in both a balanced and an imbalanced state.When in harmony the dosha create health, growth and vitality.

Vata dosha

Dry, rough, light, cold, subtle, and mobile.

Pitta dosha

Oily, sharp, hot, light, moving, liquid, and acidic

Kapha dosha

Moist, cold, heavy, dull, soft, sticky, and static

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Lets see how Doshas control your body

Vata dosha

Maintain bodily function which are associated with emotion like  blood circulation, breathing ,blinking and heartbeat

Vata is often called the “King of the Doshas,” since it governs the body’s greater life force and gives motion to Pitta and Kapha

Balance of this dosha  can bring creativity and vitality ,when out of balance the person will be fearful and anxious.

Pitta dosha

This vital force  controls metabolic system: digestion, absorption of nutrition and the regulation of body temperature. If the balance is found then the person is content and intelligent, unbalancing of this dosha can aggravate ulcers and anger.

Kapha dosha

Regulate the growth of the body. This energy supplies water to all body parts for skin moisturisation and maintain  the immune system. Person with balance of this dosha will be lovable and forgetful. Unbalanced Kapha dosha make one’s personality insecure and envy.

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