Barasingha is also famous with name of Swamp Deer

swampy deer

Barasingha is also known as “Swamp Dear”. It has got 12 tined that is why it is sometimes called “twelve-tined” Other famous names of barasingha are dolhorina. Dol in Assamese means swamp.

Swamp deer graze upon grasses and aquatic plants which are mostly found in swamps. Few of their favorite swampy plants are Peralta, Hygroryza, Imperata Cylindrica etc. They gaze most of the times but love to eat a lot in the morning comparatively to the late afternoons.

Swamp deer rest a lot in shade during hot season like summers and drink a lot of water in winter or monsoon season compared to summer.

Swamp deer have also become endangered species as they are patched for their meat and antlers. These antlers have a huge demand in the market due to which they are being killed.

These lovely animals have their favorite natural habitat on swampy areas but as a result of human activities for agriculture, they are loosing their natural habitat.

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