Deal Anger and Aggression in Kids with Love

News of teenagers getting violent and shooting with anger or throwing tantrums on others is getting published on various mass communication mediums. Anger Management Issue has become one of the most serious issue in our society as its impacting our kids and ultimately the future generation.


Being a parent is not a tough job but being a parent to an angry child is really a very responsible job. A child shows aggressive behaviour not just casually as there is always some reason behind it. Some kids are aggressive and some are extremely calm. Many times we ignore anger or aggression of our child just giving excuse of their growing age or under development mind.

Many times children tend to gain attention by showing anger of bursting in anger and slowly it becomes the habit.

Difference between Anger and Aggression

Anger and Aggression are two different things and one should know the difference between two. Anger is a temporary state of your emotions that could be a result of frustration. While, aggression is something in advance and can hurt a person or make you take destructive step.

Both of them are related to human emotions and can be cured if taken preventive care. Anger is found when someone frustrates, as in animals also it is found. When you tease some animal it would surely get angry. Caring and controlling kids dealing with anger or aggressive nature should be done with a lot of care and patiently. Many try to use power or punishment to cure such kids but not always this is the cure. These children need acceptance and have a full container of emotions boiling inside them. This container has to be emptied but filled with love and confidence. Sometimes such kids lack confidence or have inferiority complex due to which get angry.

What Makes a Child Aggressive or Angry?

The tendency of anger is more when a child enters into teenage. It is found that 1 in every 5 teens have anger management issues.

Anger is a reflection of emotions stored in brain. When large amount of information or emotions collect in the brain, amygdala present in brain creates a lot of emotion. Our body has prefrontal cortex that is responsible for anger control but it is not fully developed till 20 years of age. Since in teenage the cortex is not developed fully, so it cannot control amygdala emotions that have collected so far. This makes a child burst out of anger or getting violent many times.

When should Emotional outbursts of your Child Concern you?

  • If your child is hurting himself
  • If your child is locking himself in the room
  • If he is carrying some tools for his safety in bag to school
  • If the teacher is reporting that he is out of control in school
  • If your child does not mix-up with the kids and excludes himself
  • If your child is not interested in attending birthday parties or getting social
  • If your child is showing tantrums causing atmosphere of tension and conflict at home

How to Control your Angry Child?

Parents take their kids to counselling or neurologist to check their nerves or mental problem. They start medication which can go for a longer period. These medicines necessarily do not remove the root cause of aggression but suppress the problem for some time. In actual, parents, teachers and those medications should all work together to help the situation.

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