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Thanks to “Doodle Art of Google” that helps us to know about many people or occasions which are still unknown to us. Recently, google doodled about Abdul Qavi Desnavi who has been a great Indian Urdu writer, poet and had written a lot of books on many famous personalities. But many of us was not aware of him which is a great surprise as the world knows about your county’s gems but you are not !! The same thing has happened with many previous doodles on googles also which we were not aware with but the world was aware!!!

This is when I started googling about this doodle art on Google and came to know about the facts that it carries with itself. A doodle could be just a simple drawing made by someone who can have some meaning. Many times a doodle is also called equivalent to “scribbling” as the tool used for designing is not lifted from the device to form the random or abstract designs.

The first Doodle that Google started in 1998 was in honour of the “Burning Man Festival”. It was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

It’s main purpose is to celebrate events, achievements, birthday’s, or achievements made by people round the world.

The team that dedicatedly designs and publishes Doodles in Google is known as “Doodlers”. It consists of few artists like, Jennifer Hom, Dennis Hwang etc.

With time, the doodles also progressed in looks. As initially they were simple static simple images. They had hovertexts that when hovered expressed a greeting or some message. But now a days, the Google Doodle have come a long way and come in animated forms.The first animated Doodle was posted honouring Sir Issac Newton in January 2010.

Similarly, the first interactive Doodle on Google was for Pac-Man. Although people always prefer the Doodles published on Google time to time but many times they are criticised also by masses. One such criticism it received when it published Doodle on Ronald Dahl on 13 September, 2007 who was totally against Israel. And the same day was the first day of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah.

Due to the criticism the Google had to remove this Doodle from the internet and is not longer found anywhere on the net till now.

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