Five Ways to avoid Heart Disease


  • Quit Smoking

    Nothing can be more dangerous than the habit of smoking. Quitting smoking is in the hands of the one who does it. This is one of the main reason that can be held responsible for heart attack. Now it has been proven that 20 percent of all cardiovascular deaths take place because of the habit of smoking. So, by just quitting this habit one can cut 50 percent of the risk of heart attack within 12 months.

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  • Eat More Vegetables, Grains, Pulses and Fish

    Healthy heart needs a healthy diet along with exercise. So if you are very fond of eating pizza, worker, fried foods, then be cautious as they can directly be responsible for your cardiovascular disorder in the future.Food high in saturated fat can raise levels of cholesterol in the blood that could lead the blockage of arteries resulting into heart attack.

    So, it is better to cut the quantity of oil and ghee in the food we take. Include, pulses, grains, fresh vegetables and if possible fish. Replacing cod-liver-oil with butter or ghee can be good for your heart’s health.

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  • Reduce Mental and Physical Stress

    Stress is everywhere and we can not avoid it as it comes by itself. This not only affects mind but impact overall health too. When the level of stress is small, its fine but if it becomes a habit and increases day by day and nothing is done to avoid this then it could be fatal. Heart attack could also result from taking too much pressure and stress.

    Job-related stress is a risk factor for heart disease. So, always find some time to relax to bring your mind to peace.

    So try yoga, meditation or some stress-beating exercises. Morning walk is another good example of exercise. The fresh morning air will increase oxygen level in your body and also divert your stress and cut few calories also. This will reduce stress on your heart and will make it work longer.

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  • Get More Active

    Sitting at one place for a longer time can make your body lethargic and accumulation of more fat in it. People who exercise-even for 10-15 of vigorous activity for 2-3 times in a day-can decrease their risk of heart attack by 40 percent.

  • Start With Kids

    It takes about 20 years for coronary arteries to block up as per the medicinal practitioner.
    It’s the responsibility of parents to inhibit good habits in their kids to keep up their defensive system. This can protect their children from heart diseases later in life. They should be served healthy food at home and given less junk food.

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    Encourage kids to do physical activities instead of letting them sit in front of the computer or TV. This can make sure the kids would carry healthy habits into their adulthood.

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