Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health


Well, we all have read a precautionary warning that comes with a packet of cigarette, “Cigarette smoking is injurious to health” but not sure how many of us have understood the real meaning of that,  and also that smoking is one of the leading reason behind deaths due to tumor and cancer.

Many times people give a try to cigarette just as to taste it but very soon they get addicted to it. Sometimes, which brand of cigarette you are using also becomes a matter of honor !!

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What’s in a Cigarette?

The smoke of Cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals. Out of those, 43 chemicals are carcinogenic, which are responsible to develop cancer in body. The main  addictive substance found in a Cigarette is Nicotine.

The smoke containing nicotine directly reaches your brain from lungs in just six seconds.

The other ingredients present are tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, formaldehyde and DDT.

5 Harmful effects of Cigarette smoking


  1. Smoking  directly enters your lungs and can be the reason behind your downfall in health. It reduces the power of lungs of and body is deprived of oxygen
  2. Cigarette smoking is one of the main cause behind lung cancer. The smoke of a burning cigarette is really very dangerous and can slowly with time deposits in lungs and cut its efficiency of working.
  3. Smoking is harmful for those also who are not actively smoking but are forced to inhale it as they are standing nearby them.
  4. There are two forms of smoking, active and passive. In passive smoking one does not do smoking but is forcefully inhaling the smoke from the smoker nearby him. The passive smoking is also called Second hand smoking sometimes while in Active smoking one directly inhales the smoke by smoking.

10 Diseases Caused by Smoking?

  1. Heart Disease
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Heart Strokes
  4. Lung Cancer
  5. Bronchitis
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Mouth Cancer
  8. Cancers in Mouth, Pancreas, Ovary, Food Pipe
  9. Burning Sensation
  10. Poor Circulation blood in the body and loss of appetite
  11. Pyaria

Pyria can Cause Brain Strokes

Different Types of Smoking

Smoking is also two types i,e Active and Passive

What is Active Smoking?


When someone smokes and directly inhales the smoke of cigarette in his body, it is called active smoking. This is very harmful as the lungs get filled with carbon monoxide and smoke, and this can cause lungs cancer by making lungs week.

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What is Passive Smoking?

Passive-SmokingWhen one does not smoke directly but inhales the smoke released by active smokers, it is known as Passive smoking. This is also called second-hand smoking. The passive smoker himself is not smoking but forced to inhale it indirectly. This is very dangerous if the passive smoker is a kid. Kids and pregnant ladies are in more risk so they should be isolated from any kind of smoke.

Is Passive Smoking also harmful?

A passive smoker is also at the same risk as that of an active smoker. The main risk of this kind of smoking is to small kids, lungs, heart, brain, pregnant ladies and their inborn baby also. Smoking should not be done at the time of pregnancy. Due to this the doctors also advice to quit smoking while pregnancy.

If mother smokes while pregnancy then the chances are that her foetus will not develop properly. The milk production and it’s quality will also cut. The child could die also in some cases.passive-smoking

Passive smoking can cause harmful effects and create the following symptoms like cough, headache, soreness of throat, Dizziness, irritation in eyes. If these effects are not seen initially and cured then the prolonged exposure of smoking can result into lung cancer, heart attack also.

Prevention from Passive Smoking

Although it is always better to avoid smoking for all. It will leave no scope for any kind of smoker wether active or passive. But if one can not do that then he should at least avoid others to become a victim of his smoking. Never smoke at home or in front of kids as they are very sensitive to the smoke. Do not smoke in the public area. Already the level of pollution is increasing day by day round the world, if you add your smoke also into this then that will worsen the condition.

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