How to Remove Glasses with Lasik

Eyes are the best gifts that one has and without which no beauty is of any use.

But many times eye sight get reduced due to some reasons like prolonged exposure to glaring screens or some diseases and to correct them spectacles are must to wear. What to do of the spectacles that have come between you and the beautiful world?
Laser Eye treatment

Don’t worry, just read down and learn how a small Lasik (Laser) treatment can do wonders to your eyes and get rid of your glasses again.

What is Lasik?

Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted in Sity Keratomileusis. It is a vision correction surgery that helps one to get rid of his glasses, by curing near-sightedness (pass ki nazar) and far-sightedness (door ki nazar) both.

What is the Procedure of Lasik?

If you are going for a Laser treatment for eyes, then it’s common that you may have few doubts about the procedure.

Although it’s a safe procedure but if you have any doubt over this, then should talk and with your doctor.

The real procedure of Lasik is a very small walk in and walk-out, and takes only few minutes. You stay awake throughout the procedure and there is no need of complete body anesthesia or any bandage.

To be on a safer side, patients are required to wear a surgical cap and footwear before entering the laser procedure room.

You would be made to lie on a bed, and the head place is set such that it is directly under the laser machine. You would be asked to look at a source of blinking red light. Then the following three steps are performed

  1. First is the mechanical creation and elevation of the corneal flap. This is done to expose under surface
  2. Second step is Excimer laser treatment of the under surface
  3. Lastly, the repositioning of the stromal flap

After the operation is done, which normally takes 8-10 minute, you can return home and rest, but advised not to drive for 24 hours. You can resume your daily routine within a day or two.

Post Treatment Precautions

You would be asked to visit the clinic few times to assess the eye’s response to the treatment, and to check if the eye is recovering well.

Advantages of Lasik Treatment

  • Lasik improves overall eye vision
  • One get rids of dependency on glasses and contact lenses
  • Lasik treatment addresses both higher of lower aberrations of the eye.

Who is Eligible for Lasix Treatment ?

  1. Those who are above 18 years of age but have healthy corneas and stable vision for over one year, can opt for Lasik.
  2. People suffering with near-sightedness and long-sightedness or astigmatism can opt for Lasik surgery.
  3. Those suffering with Presbyopia should not go for this surgery.
  4. Pregnant women are not eligible for Laser treatment.

For How Long the Correction by Lasik Treatment lasts?

The power corrected by Lasik treatment takes a period of few weeks to get stabilized but after this it is usually permanent and can last forever. But sometimes, those wearing high power spectacles may need retreatment.

Does Lasik affect my night vision?

It can happen initially, that few patients find it difficult to see in the dark but this is temporary. Once the eyes heal naturally, this problem will disappear. But patients having high power problems may continue to experience slight night vision glare.

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