How to Deal with Black Spaces in your Teeth

Oral health can be designated on two colour scale: White and pink. White bright teeth and pink colour gums are esthetically appealing. Very often we can observe dark triangular shaped spaces between your teeth.


Recession of gum tissues between two adjacent teeth, known as Inter-dental papilla is the reason for the dark spaces. This not only tarnishes aesthetics but can damage dental tissues too as inter-dental gum tissue act as a biological barrier.

Why do I have Black Triangle (Black Spaces)?

Normally, Inter-dental papilla fills space above the contact point of two adjacent teeth. Incomplete filling of these spaces due to any reason can create open gingival embrasures or “Black triangles”.

Harms of Black Triangles in Teeth?

  • Cosmetic issues (so-called “black triangle disease”)
  • Phonetic problems (space allows passage for the air or saliva ),
  • Food impact

Why do I have Black Spaces in my Teeth?

  • Aging
  • Gingivitis or gum diseases
  • Bone resorption
  • Post periodontal surgical therapy, as the soft-tissues usually contract during the healing period.
  • Plaque associated lesions
  • Traumatic oral hygiene procedures
  • Abnormal tooth shape
  • Improper contours of the restoration
  • Spacing between teeth
  • Loss of teeth

How to Prevent Occurrence of Black Triangle?

Correct way of tooth brushing

Don’t brush and floss your your teeth aggressively and over zealously. Improper way of brushing, brushing with a hard bristle toothbrush, and inappropriate use of floss may damage delicate inter-dental papilla.

Don’t put anything in between your teeth

Some people have habit of putting inanimate objects like pen, pencil, pins or whatever they feel is handy and chewy into mouth or scratching gum tissues with tooth pick. There are fair chances of damage to teeth as well as gum tissue with these activities.

Treatment options for Black Spaces in Teeth

Removing causative factor

  1. Restorative/prosthetic restorations
    If abnormal tooth shape is responsible for dark triangles, your dentist will do an appropriate restoration, reshaping of the contours of the teeth, lengthening of the contact point do that the embrasure is reduced.
  2. Restorative/prosthetic restorations

    Abnormal tooth shape may contribute to a “missing” papilla, and an appropriate restorative technique is indicated to favor the creeping of the inter-dental tissues. By a restorative/prosthetic reshaping of the contours of the teeth, the contact point may be lengthened and located more apically; the embrasure is reduced, allowing coronal displacement of the inter-dental gingiva.

Orthodontic approach

If diastema is the reason for spaces between your teeth, Orthodontic closure of the inter-dental space will create a contact point between the adjacent teeth. In fact, the proper closure of the diastema causes some degree of coronal “creeping” of the inter-proximal gingival tissue.

Repeated curettage of the papilla

Repeated curettage every 15 days for 3 months to recreate papillae destroyed by necrotizing gingivitis, induce a proliferative hyperplastic inflammatory reaction of the papilla. About 9 months after initial treatment, regeneration o

Papilla re-contouring

In the presence of gingival enlargement, the excess tissue should be eliminated to remodel the soft tissue architecture. In cases of drug-induced and idiopathic gingival enlargement, a gingivectomy may be performed. Gingivectomy associated with a free gingival graft may be indicated in case of localized gingival lesions, such as peripheral giant cell granuloma.

Papilla preservation

Specific surgical approaches have been reported to prevent or reduce an excessive apical displacement of the gingival margin in the treatment of periodontal defects. Restricting flap elevation can minimize the amount of bone resorption, thus, helping in preservation of inter-dental papilla. Various soft including the use of prostheses and gingival-coloured materials), orthodontic movement, tissue engineering and tissue volumisers.

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