Meet Abdullah Khan who Bags Rs 1.2 Crores Package at Google London


Meet Abdullah Khann from Mumbai who landed a job at Google with a package of Rs. 1.2 crores.

Abdullah Khan would join London office of Google in September, 2019. Currently he is doing his final year Bachelors in Computer Science from Shree LR Tiwari Engineering College, Mira Road in Mumbai.

Few rounds of interviews happened based on his profile on a website that hosts competitive programming challenges. He was called up for the final round in London Google’s office.

This is really strange that the lucky boy could not make into the IITs but was lucky enough to bag an offer that many IITians might envy.

When asked, Abdullah told that he did everything for a fun only. He was not sure that Google also checks on the profile on such websites. He showed the email received from Google to his friend, who also confirmed that one of his known-to has also received such email from Google earlier. Abdullah has done most of his schooling in Saudi Arabia and moved to India after XII only.

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