Significance of National Violin Day on 13 December


Every year 13 December is celebrated as National Violin Day. You might be surprised to know why a day is kept reserved for the honor of an instrument!!

This instrument which is also known as fiddle is one of the favorite instrument played around the world and that has the capacity to take away anyone’s heart when its bow strings play a beautiful music.

What is Violin instrument?

Violin is a stringed musical instrument. It is played with a horsehair bow. There are different ways in which a violinist plays violin to produce different types of music with its strings.

Know about the History of Violin

Violin is a wonderful musical instrument which is famous world-wide but do you know from where it came and the history of violin?

The origin of violin takes us to the time period when Turkic and Mongolian people resided in the Inner Asia parts. It is believed that their horseman from Inner Asia were the first who were the earliest fiddlers. Since they had horses with them, so they used to have horsehair bows and used to feature a carved horse’s head at the end of the neck of the fiddler. That time, they played two-stringed upright fiddlers strung with horsehair strings as mentioned above.

With time the changes happened to the design and use of violin but the basic remains the same. Still we can find bows have strung with horsehair as a legacy of the nomads.

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