Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Long Hair

Who does not want long and shinning hair? Blessed are those who have long and thick braids but what about those who are not that lucky.

Hair is also one of the hint of knowing someone inner health as dry and dull hair normally means a person has some problem physically.

We lose about 100 strands of hair in a day normally. Usually, they grow back, but when the number increases then it can raise an alarm, that there is something wrong happening. If prompt action is taken on right time, then there is a sure guarantee of long and healthy hair.

Tips for Long Hair

You can control most of the factors responsible for hair loss by following few healthy routines. Improper food choices, work pressure, hasty eating and intense stress affect overall health and your hair also.
Following are few of the top causes of hair loss and the way we can fight it.

What causes Hair Loss?

  • Hormonal imbalance like thyroid disease, stress (physical or emotional), disease like fever or anemia may cause hair fall
  • Improper and fad diet is the worst cause of hair fall
  • Unbalanced diet which lacks Iron, Vitamin A and other useful nutrients can cause anemia and hair fall as mentioned above
  • During Pregnancy or Menopause also, hair loss occurs in many women. Hormonal imbalance and nutrition have direct link with hair loss
  • Another important cause of hair loss is protein deficiency in body. Protein deficiency can stunt hair growth and also affects the process of replacing dead hair
  • One more common factor causing hair loss is use of chemical for hair coloring and also air pollution and unclean hair
  • Re-bonding or Hair Straightening, highlights and other chemical treatments to hair, can cause hair thinning and more prone to hair fall

Harmful Effects of Hair Dye or Coloring on Hair

Best Tips for Healthy Hair

  • First and foremost important is balanced diet. Start by eating right and on right time. Reduce intake of sugar, junk food and eat for fresh food like vegetables, fruits and sprouts. Be ensuring that your body gets adequate supply of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients like Zinc, folic acid etc. which are needed for healthy growth of your hair.sprouts
  • Drink a lot of water and milk for good health as if your health is good then hair will also be healthy.
  • By reducing sugar intake, the quality of hair can be increased to a greater extent as it accelerates hair loss.
  • Eat protein rich food as Hair is made up of protein and it strengthens it. Pulses is the best example of proteins if you do not eat eggs, otherwise the white part is the best source of protein along with fish which is another rich source of protein.  Egg is rich in Sulphur also which promotes hair growth.
  • Include sprouts of pulses in breakfast as sprouts are also rich in proteins and iron.

Some Best Herbs for Hair

There are few herbs which are known to be beneficial to prevent hormone related hair loss.
•    Evening Primrose Oil: This is an essential oil which is rich I Gama Linoleic Acid or GLA in short. The acid helps prevent hair thinning and dryness of hair making it smooth and lustrous.
•    B-Vitamin: One can take Vitamin B Complex in tablet forms available in any drug store along with Biotin to prevent hair loss.
•    Saw Palmetto: This herb prevents conversion of testosterone into dehydrates tosterone. DHT is a mechanism that is involved in male pattern baldness and kills hair follicles and saw palmet to prevent its formation.

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