What are Pangolins and why People Poach them?


Pangolin is a weird looking creature that appears to be a reptile but is a mammal in actual. The word “Pangolon” means “Roller” in Mallay. Pangolins have a scaly skin which they use to protect themselves from the threat. They have got the talent to curl into a tight ball and protect it skin to defend against its predator.

Pangolins are famously known as “the scaly ant eaters”. Ants is their main food, and they can eat up to 20, 000 ants in a day. They use their sticky tongue to catch the food in-lieu-of any teeth. The tongue of pangolin can stretch to many meters and easily grasp its prey. Pangolins are the only mammals which are covered with skins and have not teeth.

Pangolins love to eat termites, ants or larvas.

Why do People Poach Pangolin?

There are total 8 species of Pangolins known so far in the world; 4 in Asia and 4 in Africa. The demand if Pangolin skin has increased to many folds in many countries especially in Asia and Africa.

People catch pangolins for their meat. Their meat is famous mainly in Vietnam and China.

The skin of pangolins is used in medicines.

World Pangolin Day

17 February, every year is celebrated as World Pangolin Day.

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