What is Section 144 CrPc | Rules and Restriction

Section 144 of CrPc plays a very important role in maintaining the law and governance of a state. As per this the Executive Magistrate can issue an order to implement this section to not to allow four or more people gather in a particular area.

What is CrPc?

CrPc is the Code of Criminal Procedure law of India which is also called Criminal Procedure Code. It was enacted in the year 1973 and was finally came into the force the next year on 1 April, 1974. It is the main legislative body that takes care of the various procedures needed for Administration of Substantive criminal law within India.

When to impose Section 144?

Section 144 is imposed under the most urgent cases or on seeing an upcoming danger in the future. It can also be imposed if some most crucial event is going to happen which could result into the damage to human life or any property.

If anyone breaches or gathers in a group of more than four people, he/she can be booked for participating in ‘unlawful assembly”. He/she would be punished considering they prohibiting public gathering

Recently, during the awake of Covid-19 in Delhi along with some other states, Section 144 was imposed to restrict the movement of people so that the spread of the infection could be avoided.

Also, when rafael fighter plans were brought in India from France, the same section 144 was imposed in Ambala Air Force Base. It is noted that the rafael plans are to be placed in the Ambala Air Force Base.

If someone breaks the law or seen carrying weapons when the Section 144 is imposed, he could be put behind the bars for three years atleast.

Difference between Section 144 and Curfew

The main difference between Section 144 and Curfew is that section 144 restricts the gathering of upto four people while curfew does not allow anyone at all to come on the road. Curfew is more stricter compared to Section 144.

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