Why Houseplants are the Best Birthday Gifts for your Loved Ones

Why houseplants

This year social gatherings and family celebrations have been restricted to a great extent. If you are also not able to meet your friends or any of your loved family members, not to loose heart.

If you are planning to present a gift to your loved one, nothing better than a houseplant could be the best option to think about. Its so much good feeling to gift someone a real living gift!!

There are many types and sizes of plants you can gift to someone. We are writing below the reasons why you think about gifting this nature’s green gift to your loved ones this year. And if you are not able to gift them personally, you can still do so via online or by using plant delivery services.

A houseplant adds life to your house

Plants are the living creatures that can add a life to your dull house. If you have a corner at home which is lying lifeless, just place a plant over there and see the results. A plan wall can also liven up with a climber like money plant.
houseplant benefits
Place fragrant flowers like lily, rose, jasmine, lavandar at the entrance of your home and feel the difference.

A houseplant adds an extra layer of oxygen to your house

Green plants are good source of oxygen which is a boom in today’s polluted environment. They are like oxygen pumps that are good for your lungs too. No one can enhance the beauty of your home than these real life gifts. Now a days, it has become a trend also to add green plants in your home interior decoration. Different options like hanging, bonsai, floral, non-floral types of plants are available in the market.
plants oxygen
Many plants like climbers can add-on the beauty to the walls of the apartments, and add a living feeling to the walls. Few plants like orchids and anthrium can give colors and beautiful scenic to your furniture or corners of the room.

A Houseplants impart caring nature to the people

Living with a living thing like plants in your home is a good feeling. Plants need utmost care like any normal human being. Humans are caring creatures that need love and affection from others. The more care you give towards them, the better they would flourish.plants care
Presence of a plant in your home can help us feel a sense of purpose and care. There are different types of plants which have different need of watering from each other. Few plants need more water and some less.

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