World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 15 June

Elder Abuse 15 June

Elder abuse is a crime and should be restricted in any way. People of all age groups have equal right to live and survive. Especially, elders as they need special care and protection from the society and it’s every one’s responsibility to make them feel safe.

People just abuse elder peoples thinking they are of no use and should not cause any interference. Cases of their exploitation be in a family or in the society have been increasing day by day. Security of Elder people is also at stake and a cause of worry and tension. Crime rate against them has also increased many fold in recent times.

When do we celebrate World Elder Abuse Day?

World Health Organization has kept a day reserved on 15 June every year to observe the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The main motive of this day is to create awareness among people to pay respect to the elders and stop any kind of injustice or violence against them.

Also, according to the latest survey of World Health Organisation (WHO), ill-treatment with elder people especially older ones has increased significantly a lot since COVID-19 pandemic spread.

We should make assure that they feel safe and secured in the same society where they spend their youth contributing to build it.


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