Home Remedies and Prevention to Cure Mouth Ulcers

In our last article, we told you about different types of mouth ulcers that can happen to people of any age group. In this article, we want to share with you the different remedies and precautions one can take to avoid or cure mouth ulcers.


List of  home remedies for the treatment of mouth ulcer is long so you can choose any home remedy with easily available ingredients, and do it 3 to 4 times a day to get relief from mouth ulcers.

5 Home Remedies to Avoid and Cure Mouth or Oral Ulcers

1.Prevention- Diet control

What to Eat to Avoid Mouth Ulcer?

  • Excess intake of Pitta aggravating foods and spices – such as black pepper, long pepper, ginger, chilli etc.
  •  Citrus, sour or acidic fruits and vegetables – lemons, pineapples, figs, curd,
  • excess intake of dry, light, rough food and beverages
  • Aerated drinks (bottled beverages) regularly.
  • Habits of betel chewing, smoking, eating chewing gum etc and Alcohol

What to Eat to Avoid Mouth Ulcer?

  • Give priority for balanced diet and food rich in fiber content.Eat more whole grains, green and leafy vegetables.
  • Have food rich in fiber, calcium, vitamin C and  Vitamin B. Manage stress with meditation, take proper sleep

2. Homemade Mouthwash

  • Warm saline rinses
    Dissolve half teaspoon salt in one cup of lukewarm water to make a salt water mouthwash. Swish this mouthwash for at least 30 seconds before spitting it out.
  • Licorice or Mullethi
    Soak one tablespoon of crushed licorice root in two cups of water for two to three hours ,strain the liquid and do gargles or you can  simply chew on a root.Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of licorice root can treat canker sores and oral ulcers.
  • Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)Methi
    Take one cup of fenugreek leaves and boil them in two cups of water.  A mixture of these leaves is used for gargling.
  • Triphala chooran
    Add Triphala powder to boiled and lukewarm water for gargles
  • Cow milk gargles are also useful.
  • Boil one teaspoon of Coriander seeds in a cup of water. Strain it and allow it to cool. Use the liquid as mouthwash. Coriander seeds are antibacterial in nature they can initiate healing of mouth ulcers and infections.
  • Mix Turmeric with water and use for gargling. Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can heal ulcer and prevent secondary chances of infection.

4. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is rinsing mouth with oil inside for some times. For this take 10 drops of tea tree oil in 100 ml of water. Swish this mouthwash for more than 30 seconds and spit it out. This helps you cure the infection and heals the sore.

4. Banyan(Ficusreligiosa)

A decoction of the bark of the banyan tree decreases the pain caused by mouth ulcers.

5. Herbal Ointments or Demulcent at Home for mouth ulcers

  1. Coconut Milk is highly beneficial in soothing the pain of mouth ulcers. Mix a little honey in one tablespoon of coconut milk. Massage the affected area.
  2. Aleo vera gel is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizing effects on the body. Aloe vera can be applied topically or taken in a juice form to heal mouth sores.
  3. Holding a wet bag of black tea against the ulcer seems to help.
  4. Apply Cow ghee 1/2 tsp + honey 1 tsp mixture to the ulcers.
  5. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda or Sodium bicarbonate with a little water to make a thin paste. Baking soda helps neutralize acid, reduce inflammation and remove germs and bacteria. But may aware cause a burning sensation.
  6. Apply the mixture of turmeric powder and glycerine. To make the mixture, take one pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of glycerine.
  7. Take one teaspoon of honey and mix 1/4 teaspoon turmeric to make a paste. Now rub it on the canker sore. You can apply only honey directly too.
  8. Glycerin or vitamin E oil
  9. Consuming raw tomatoes helps you in getting rid of mouth ulcers. Try gargling with tomato juice three to four times every day.
  10. Chewing 5 – 6 basil leaves (tulsi leaves) or tender leaves or fruit buds of guava with some water every day will help you to reduce the pain, and accelerate the process of healing of mouth ulcers.

How to Avoid Mouth Ulcers?

Relieve Constipation

  • Take sufficient quantity of water.
  • Have the habit of evacuating the bowel regularly.
  • Take time to exercise regularly.
  • consume more of fibrous vegetable and fruits in your diet like leafy vegetables,oranges ,sweet limes,  Indian gooseberry etc.

Beat Heat from your body to Avoid Mouth Ulcer

  • Drink aloevera juice or amla juice 20ml+20ml water
  • Drink coconut water, lemon juice, sugar cane juice
  • Eat raw salad with plenty of onions

Avoid following

  • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • Heat generating foods or activities like tea, coffee, spicy food, citrus foods
  • Travelling in sunlight
  • Intense exercise
  • Mental work which can cause excess stress
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food completely as this increases acidity thereby encouraging mouth ulcers.

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