How to Celebrate New Year?

New Year is one of the most special occasion for all people around the world to celebrate. It is celebrated with pump-and-posh, many combines the celebrations with x-mas, and so we can say the celebrations begin with the arrival of this festival.

People make new year resolutions and wishes to accomplish those things that they could not do in the going year.

new year celebrations

But the definition of celebrations is different for every one. Each person has his own way of thinking and so the way of celebrating the upcoming year and bidding farewell to the going year.

The common thread in the celebrations among the people of all regions is the gratitude goodbye to the previous year and the welcoming of the new year.

People throw parties, spend time together and send wishes to the near ones. As this is the perfect time of winters, so people go out of station to enjoy the new year with the dear ones also.

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New Year Celebration in Different Parts of India

How can we Celebrate and Welcome New Year?

  • Go to a Dance Club
    If you are a die-heart party person and want to spend the special evening of last day of the year with your friends and DJs, you can enjoy it in a dance club. This will offer best music with special drinks as there are packages and offers in  most of such places.
  •  Formal Events Organised by Hotels
    There are many hotels and restaurants who organise events to celebrate new year. They offer passes and open offers who want to attend. These events have programmes for orchestras, jazz bands and singers.Some of such events have dress and colour code for males and females, which they normally have to follow.
  •  Home Arrangements
    One can arrange home parties also where they call friends and the families. This way you can have flexibility of organising different arrangements for kids, elders or any one who need special attentions.You can watch television, play cards, dance and sing as per your choice. Also, you can prepare food of your choice or can order from outside as per the feasibility.
  • Go outside with Family or Friends
    New year is the time of vacations and people take leaves from office and hectic schedule to go out of station or country to celebrate with their near ones. In India, there are many places you can visit to celebrate new year, like Jaipur, Manali, Kerala, North east etc.

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