7 Important lessons given by Corona (COVID-19) to us

corona lessons

With the widespread of Corona(COVID19) virus world wide, people have developed an unknown fear of coming into its contact. Fear of death due to this has taken a strong place inside most of us.

We should understand that the cure of this disease is possible and most importantly it is in our own hands. Frequent hand wash and face cleaning has become utmost important. Moreover, one should try to improve the immunity by doing exercise and with good diet.

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WHO has declared Corona(COVID) as epidemic and world-wide measures are being taken to keep it control and prevent from spread.

7 Important lessons given by Corona (COVID-19) to us

  1. Basic hygiene is a must for everyone. People are understanding the meaning of washing hands frequently and thoroughly.
  2. Not all sanitizers are effective in cleaning, only alcohol-based ones are effective. We can use soaps too.
  3. People have distanced themselves from the public and social gathering. Most of them have stopped outside food, going to cinemas, malls etc.
  4. Surprisingly the alcohol sale is not effective. On the contrary it was observed that the sale has multi-plied many times. May be people are taking alcohol to sanitize their body from inside.
  5. No matter how hard people say about medical community but it is they only who are the front fighters during this critical time when the world is fighting with the rise of Corona epidemic.
  6. We should salute and respect doctors, nurses and the medical staff. They are not seeing the caste, religion or sex of a patient before treatment #respectforMedicalStaff.
  7. Your stomach is a soft organ meant for digestion. Do not take it as a heavy machinery that can put and eat anything you take inside. So, Stop eating everything in the name of food. Well cooked and fresh food should get the entry inside your stomach.





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