Bipolar Disorder Symptoms Reasons & Treatment

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Have you every come across someone who is very jolly and happy go time on the first meeting, but seems to be a depressed in the another go. Or, someone who considers himself super power with a lot of energy, and claims can do any wonder!

We often ignore these changes in people but do not understand that this could be some mental disorder and need proper diagnosis. When someone takes very less sleep than a normal person but active and energetic or when someone is always sad and down, there are chances that person is suffering with Bipolar disorder. We are not saying this is true for everyone but yes if the same person has different phases of low and high behavior that could be a symptom of Bipolar disorder.

What is Bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental disorder normally found in 1 out of every 100 people. As the name suggests bipolar means two poles. These poles are of happiness and sadness.

A Bipolar disorder can make a person sudden happy or depressed at the same times. These two states of happiness and depression are termed as Mania and Depression in Bipolar disorder. The state of happiness is called Mania and another is Depression.

Is Normal Depression and Bipolar Depression same?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to diagnose the problem of Bipolar disorder as the patient goes to the doctor when he is in depressed phase and the doctor is not able to know that he has Mania phase also which is the high energy phase of Bipolar disorder.

So, doctors are not able to know that the person is suffering with Bipolar disorder. So, patient should be taken to the doctor in case any symptoms of Mania is seen in him. Regular treatment is needed for this so that both the phases could be cured properly.

These stages happen in episodes that means if it has happened in episode and can occur for sometimes and then finishes by itself. So, in a life it can happen for 8-9 times.

Therefore, we can say that depression phase of a Bipolar disorder patient can be similar to a normal depression person but there is an extra Mania phase also in the former type of patient.

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Specific cause of Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder can effect male or female both equally but remains highly un-diagnosed many times. Its reason is because when a person gets an episode of Bipolar disorder, the symptoms get away themselves in 2-4 months and he feels okay again. Therefore, does not go to the doctor which further delays the treatment. Below are few of the causes behind Bipolar disorder.

  • It is scientifically proven that our brain has chemicals that control its thinking power and thoughts.  So, any change in the formation or imbalance in the chemicals can cause change in the behavior of a patient.
  • Another reason of Bipolar disorder is genetic. If a generation has Bipolar disorder in any of the close family member, chances of it in the future generation are more.
  • It can precipitate due to drugs.
  • Childhood trauma or any memory that has shaken us in the past can also precipitate Bipolar disorder.

Is there any Age factor in Bipolar disorder

It can happen at the age of 15-25 years. But if happens later in life can hamper the brain activity also causing it more serious.

More frequent symptoms of Bipolar disorder

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder can be categorized based on the stage he is facing i.e, Mania or depression.

Symptoms of Mania in Bipolar disorder

  • Happiness Mania
    1. In mania a patient becomes over talkative. He believes can do anything and has a lot of power to conquer every one.
    2. His topics of conversation keeps on changing, one time he speaks something and another something else.
    3. Patient is very difficult to get in control. Sometimes, he considers himself as god.
    4. A Bipolar patient many times cracks jokes and claims that he does not need any sleep and keep on working for hours.
    5. A Bipolar patient many times spends a lot of money unnecessary. They always talk more than their capacity.
    6. Sometimes, they also talk spiritual and start dancing in front of many people. If we look at these people, they talk early in the morning and start talking since then.
    7. Sometimes, known-to do not take them seriously and start going to the priest and go to doctor very late.
  • Irritable Mania
    1. Patient becomes aggressive too in Irritable mania has a tendency to attack or throw away and household items in house. This type of Mania is less compared to happiness.
    2. He becomes more prone to do accidents on roads too. Suicidal risk, homicidal risk increases.
  • Symptoms of Depression in Bipolar disorder
    Symptoms of depression is similar to the bipolar depression. For example, feeling sad most of the time. losing interest in habits and hobbies no aim in life and feeling unworthy all the time. Lose of appetite, loss in talking with others.

It is very important to get the full treatment of Bipolar disorder as further we delay the more damage to the neurons in brain can happen. As, every time Bipolar attacks the neurons in our brain which goes on damaging again and again every time.

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