How to Use Google Insights Tool for Keyword Searching


Are you also running a blog or a website but not getting desired results in search engines?

Do you also plan to make it a source of your online earning but have yet not earned a single penny?

Such questions are natural and people feel frustrated when they do not get the best out of their blog.

Actually, everything online revolves around keywords. Though good quality of content is important but keywords are essential too.

There are many ways to get more traffic on your blog, one of which is to search for the best keyword online.

When we started this blog, we also put a lot of effort in getting it at the top keywords search on google and other search engines. And after years of hard work, few of our keywords are coming in top search but our struggle for many more are still going on.

Few of our keywords on top search are , “Pyaria“, “key features of WhatsApp”, “srikanth kidambi biography” and soon.

How to find suitable keywords for your blog?

We love the way google brings tools for the help of its readers with time. And, this time it has come up with Google Insights Search Tool.

Earlier it was Google analytics tool that was considered best for data search. But now, Google Insights for Search is getting more eyes of people owing to its benefits and refined keyword search.

Google Insight Search is one such tool that can be used to find trending topic for the next project.

There are many ways to get Organic traffic on your website or blog as this way only you can monetize your blog if have AdSense.  Few things are required to get the Organic traffic from search engine like, nofollow, dofollow, WordPress permalink, building backlinks, guest blogging and soon.

Content is always the king. Even though if you take all the steps to get the trending keywords but if the content is of poor quality of without grammar check, no one is going to visit it again.

Google Insights Search Tool For Keywords Search

Google Insights for Search allows us to compare search volume patterns across different categories, regions, countries, and time frames etc. This way one can have the idea of keywords to be used in the content they are creating and would stay on top for a longer time.

Google has come up with a product which allows performing the competitive market research on keywords. It is a free tool provided by Google to know about the most trending keyword in the market. By knowing this, one can adjust the keywords on his blogs to compete with his competitors.

By using data returned by Google Insights for Search, you can write your post which may drive more traffic and monetize your blog.

Benefits of “Google Insights for Search”

  • It searches hottest rising related keywords
  • It gives results of popular keyword queries of countries, states and cities
  • Category based trending keywords which are running on top position
  • Category based keywords search that are hottest rising
  • It enables us to know what keywords is you should optimize for in the future

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