PDP Seeks Return of Afzal Guru Remains

The new alliance between PDP and BJP in Jammu Kashmir has started seeing differences within a day of the formation of their government.

The newly appointed ruling PDP in Jammu and Kashmir demanded the return of the mortal remains of Afzal Guru who was convicted for attack on Parliament. pdp demands remains of mortal afzhal guru

On Monday, 2 March, eight MLAs of PDP issued an official statement in which they demanded the remains of Guru’s from government who was hanged on February 9, 2013 inside Tihar Jail.

PDP statement said, “PDP stands by the demand for return of his (Guru’s) mortal remains, and the party promises to follow vigorously for the return of the mortal remains”.

On the other hand the alliance party, BJP condemned the demand and asked them to shun “this type of politics”. The BJP spoke’sperson gave a statement to clear that the BJP does not involve in the statement passed by PDP.

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BJP secretary Shrikant Sharma said, “Terror has no religion. We condemn this type of politics. Terrorism is an enemy of humanity and the whole country should unite to root this out. BJP believes in zero tolerance to terrorism”.

The eight PDP members who signed on the statement made by them on the demand are Mohammad Khalil Bandh, Zahoor Ahmed Mir, Raja Manzoor Ahmad, Mohd Abas Wani, Yawar Dilawar Mir, Advocate Mohd Yosuf, Aijaz Ahmad Mir and Noor Mohd Sheikh.

The statement said, “PDP has always maintained that late Afzal Guru’s hanging was travesty of justice and constitutional requirements and process was not followed in hanging him out of turn,”

“The way he was picked up from serial no.28 and singled out has been condemned by PDP and it stands by the demand for return of his mortal remains…,” it said.

The statement further said, “We believe that the resolution brought by Independent MLA Rashid Ahmed to seek clemency for late Afzal Guru was justified and should have been adopted by the House at that time”

National Conference working president tweeted “Has Mufti decided the Modi-Mufti accord was a mistake? Are the Father-Daughter duo trying to force BJP to break off the alliance?”

Janata Dal LeaderAli Anwar said, “This is a question actually you should ask the Prime Minister and the BJP. I will only say that the reins of the government in the country are in the hands of those who are hungry for power and that can compromise with someone else for power,”

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